Social skills for autonomous people
A list of some questions that might be unwelcome

Here are some examples:

As a follow-up to the last post, here are some personal questions that are particularly likely to be unwelcome and experienced as microaggressions:

  1.  Asking someone why they have a particular religious affiliation (especially if it is a minority religion).
  2.  Asking someone medical questions about their body. 
  3.  Asking someone why they have children, don’t have children, or have so many children (or whether their children were adopted/conceived naturally/conceived through IVF).
  4.  Asking someone about their accent or national origins
  5.  Asking someone questions about their hair (*especially* if you are white and they not)
  6.  Asking someone about their eating habits
  7. Asking someone whether they’re gay 
  8.  Asking someone whether they’re trans, or asking personal questions about transition
  9.  Asking someone how much money they make
  10.  Asking someone to speak for their group without having been invited to do so (Eg: “So, what DOES the gay community think about lesbians marrying gay men?)
  11.  Asking someone if they’ve lost weight.
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    Wow. Sensitivity issues much. Why do somethings have to be taboo or make a list of what’s ok and what’s not ok. I find...
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    4 and 5 are the ones I’m most annoyed by
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    ive been asked about money so often in finland, it drives me fucking insane. its always been by people with way more...
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