Social skills for autonomous people
Don’t hang your identity on being counter-cultural.

It’s better when good things become mainstream.

If something is good and right, it’s best when everyone knows this and it’s not substantially controversial.

Opposing things hurts. 

There is a lot that is horribly wrong with the world, and a lot of fights that have to be fought. There are many lives in the balance (and other things). But the point isn’t the fight, and it’s not being outside the mainstream.

The point is the values and the people.

Serve your values, and your people. Fighting is a means. It is necessary. But it is not an end in itself. And you can serve your values and people best by looking for ways to serve them - and when that is fighting, to fight, and when that is building, to build.

When people make the fighting an end in itself, bad things happen.

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    Yes.The only footnote I would make about the original post is that capitalism has a way of changing things as it makes...
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    Yes. It’s not just people outside the marginalized group who do this, though.
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    people tend to have a kinda… fetishizing attitude about counter-culture, especially those people whose identities aren’t...
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    This is pretty much my view on things, I don’t like fighting about every thing just for the sake of complaining.,In fact...
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