Another example of conflation: Parties

Sometimes liking parties is perceived as general openness to going to parties:

  • Some people like parties; some people don’t
  • Some people like parties; but only of a certain size
  • Some people like parties; but only if their ex won’t be there.
  • Some people only like parties if they are topic-specific (like a board game party or a cooking party or a music-playing party)
  • Some people like most parties, and will almost always go if they like the people inviting them
  • Some people don’t like parties with alcohol 
  • Some people like parties, but only occasionally
  • Some people don’t like to socialize with coworkers
  • Some people only have time/energy on weekends or particular days of the week/month
  • Some people like parties, but not when they are sick

All of these things are ok, and liking parties in one form doesn’t mean you have to go to other forms, or that you have to accept all invitations from people you like