Examples of it wasn’t me

Posting also in this format:

There’s this dynamic:

  • Person1 *does something that hurts Person2*
  • Person2 is hurt, and changes their behavior in some way
  • Person1 explains how they would never do something like that, it wasn’t really them, they were just upset
  • And then gets really angry at Person2 for thinking something is still wrong

For instance: 

  • Bob gets drunk and calls Joe a racial slur.
  • The next day, Bob calls Joe and tells him that he’s not the kind of person who uses racial slurs, he was just drunk.
  • Joe still thinks of Bob as someone who called him a racial slur
  • Bob gets really angry and thinks of this as Joe wronging him – after all, Bob would *never* call someone a racial slur, normally.

Or like this:

  • Debra consistently forgets to eat, and falls to pieces.
  • She often realizes that she is starving in the middle of the day, and eats her coworkers’ lunches.
  • When people find out, she says she really isn’t the kind of person who steals lunches, she was just really, really hungry.