Some notes for people who might be new here

This is a blog about interactions between people, very broadly defined.

Any kinds of people. Any kinds of interactions.

I write about things I know about. I’m autistic; I move in the world as an autistic person so that’s the perspective I write from. A lot of what I know about is interactions between autistic people, or interactions between autistic and neurotypical people.

And power relationships. I know a lot about power. 

This isn’t an autism blog, though. It’s not a special place for autistic people or some category of people. It’s a blog about people. 

A blog about people that doesn’t assume that there’s a default kind of person. Everyone is real, and I write accordingly. What I say doesn’t always apply to everyone – but there aren’t special posts that are disability posts and posts that are regular, or anything.

They’re all for everyone they apply to. No matter why they apply. This is not a place to worry about appropriation. It’s ok to listen, and to comment, and to learn from this. (Even if I’m talking about something that happens to autistic people, and you notice that it also happens in another context).

For those of you who are used to being described as the default kind of person, you might find this disconcerting. Especially if you’re not accustomed to having to notice that people unlike you exist.

You might want to consider what this means about the world you live in.