Storytelling and cooperating with journalists

Journalists aren’t your enemy, either. They want a good story. You can cooperate and tell them what you have to say in a way that will make a good story and also be OK for yourself. Thinking of them as an enemy might stop you from doing that, and then they might end up asking you trickier questions: a self-fulfilling prophecy; they have to get a story one way or another. They might just want 1 or 2 very short quotes, and these can be your heartfelt message, if you want. Or you can say nothing.
realsocialskills said:
Yes, that is true. It’s possible to work with journalists in a way that is mutually beneficial.
It’s just important to realize that their agenda is to get a good story, not to help you. And that your interests don’t necessarily match, and you have to be careful to keep control over your message.
One way journalists can get a good story is by reporting on some ridiculous extremists or someone who has an unbelievably ill-advised business model. They can write you that way, if that’s what will make the story good – being a good person with a good business or a just cause is not a protection from this kind of spin.
It’s important to understand that when you’re dealing with the media.