Boundaries can be different in different contexts

Some things are dealbreaking in some contexts, but not others:

  • Things that are deal-breaking for any type of interaction (eg: someone might be unwilling to associate in any way with someone who makes racist jokes)
  • Things that are deal-breaking for friendship, but not business relationships (Someone might tolerate things from a boss out of necessity that they would never tolerate from a friend. Eg: insulting comments).
  • Things that are deal-breaking for romantic relationships, but not friendship (eg: Someone might be ok with friends who get drunk so long as it’s not around them, but not willing to date someone who gets drunk)
  • Things that are deal-breaking only if you have to see them (Eg: Someone might find violent movies triggering, but have no objection to friends etc watching them so long as it’s not around them and they don’t have to hear conversations about them)

These are all lines that different people draw in different places, and that’s ok. It’s a personal decision. But it’s worth knowing that your deal-breakers don’t have to be the same for every type of relationship.