Rude question from someone who doesn’t understand disability

bryedeadned said (about this post):

how the fuck do you forget that food exists?

Most people without disabilities never have this problem. But for people with certain disabilities, it’s very very common.

It’s particularly common for autistic people, especially autistic people who have trouble processing visual information. It’s also common for people with ADHD and other disabilities that impair executive functioning or body awareness.

This blog is for everyone, not just normal people.

So, if you follow it, from time to time you’re going to see things that don’t apply to you. And you’re going to see them presented in a matter-of-fact way, as problems that some people have and want help with.

Because that’s the kind of blog this is.

More on good therapy

A good therapist will be honest about their qualifications, and respect your expertise.

For instance:

  • A good therapist will not claim to be an expert in gay issues just because they are a good person and don’t hate same sex couples
  • A good therapist will believe you about religious conflicts, and won’t attempt to dictate to you how to resolve them (eg: If you can’t eat certain things, or need to wear certain clothing around members of the opposite sex, or can’t do certain things on certain days).
  • A good therapist will be honest about which conditions they do and don’t have experience treating