Respect adaptive technology

Technology is amazing.

It means that we don’t all have to be subsistence farmers. And that we can live in places with deadly cold climates. And that we have safe water. And that we can go places quickly that used to take days of walking. And that we can communicate with people on the other side of the world.

These are all good things. And they’re all things that we can take for granted, because depending on technology makes it possible.

And yet – when a person with a disability uses technology which most people don’t use, people say many versions of this:

  • Well, I used to use PECS with him, but he can say a few words if he really tries, and I didn’t want him to become dependent
  • She can walk. I’ve seen her. Why is she using a wheelchair?

No matter what you use, as a disabled person, someone is likely to say that you shouldn’t be using it and should be trying harder not to depend on technology.

It isn’t reasonable. And bearing that in mind makes life easier.